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Portable Office Building Security Options

Given their temporary nature, portable office buildings can seem like a prime targets for vandals and thieves, but there is no reason that a portable office building can’t be as secure as any permanent structure. There are many options available to you to bolster the security of your portable office building. They may or may not be inclusive in your unit, so be sure to ask your vendor about the following options:

Security Screens

Heavy-duty security screens can deter the entry of intruders through your portable office building’s windows. The handy design provides enhanced security for your documents and employees without diminishing visibility or light.

Security Bars

In addition to security screens, you can add security bars to your office windows. Although these can be more conspicuous than security screens, they also offer added protection against intrusion and can be an excellent option if you feel the need for extra security for your portable office building.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks may be a wise addition to your portable office building. A high-quality deadbolt will discourage lock-picking and intrusion into your portable office building.

Closed Circuit Television System

This is unlikely to a standard part of your portable office building purchase, but can be added to your portable office building if your security needs are particularly sensitive. A closed circuit television system enables you to monitor every corner of your portable office building facility and enables security personnel to watch multiple areas of your portable office building at once. 


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