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Over 190,000 customers have saved money with SmartPrice .

Here's what they are saying:

"We are on the phone constantly, so being able to reduce our rates dramatically and not lose any quality or service is a good thing!"

- Greg Louis, President of Louis Search Group, NJ
- satisfied W2Com customer since June 2003

"I love them.they saved me 75% over our previous provider and all the mystery calls on our toll free number are gone."

- Allied Access, Inc., IL
- satisfied TCI customer since February 003

"I think Opex's service is very good. They provide their services at very reasonable prices."

- Sterling Technologies, NM
- satisfied Opex customer since December 2000

"In our business, we are totally dependent on having a great long distance service. We were delighted to get great savings when we used SmartPrice to pick a new carrier. For a small business, 44-50% off our phone bill is significant. The international savings, especially to Canada and Mexico were 90%!"

- Jan C., Dripping Springs, TX

"...if you don't often switch carriers or start a new business with an 800 number, you don't often shop for price and take a huge chance with service. I was impressed by how SmartPrice performed the hand-off from shopping to buying. It was way more than painless. It happened easily and effectively. Shopping isn't my thing, especially for long-distance service. You made it very easy. Thanks."

- David W., Los Angeles, California

"I really want to say thanks to you and your staff for helping me select my new long distance service. The service provided me by your staff was exemplary and my long distance bills have never been so low."

- Jean R., Akron, OH

"Great service - THANK YOU! Finally, a way to break free from AT&T!"

- Chris M., San Francisco, CA

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