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What You Need to Know Before Switching Your Business Long Distance

No matter what long distance provider your company is currently using, it is almost a certainty that there are at least ten other long distance providers out there that can save you a significant amount of money over what you're currently paying. The key to finding the cheapest long distance provider for your business is to identify your usage, costs, future growth and other telecom needs. Once you are armed with this information, it is much easier to identify the most money-saving long distance provider for your business.

Switching long distance providers for your business is a relatively simple thing to do. Your new long distance provider will ask you some questions, have you fill out some paperwork and your long distance service will be switched within a month or so. Don't just let them ask you questions, however. Knowing your own needs ahead of time will give you the power - you can ask them questions to find out if they're the right provider for you.

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Ask yourself the following list of questions and take a moment to jot down your answers, then keep the list handy when you are searching for your new long distance provider. Knowing the answers to these things will help you pick the best new long distance provider for your business.

What Is Your Typical Long Distance Usage?

Different long distance providers have different "specialties." A large, nationally-based carrier like Sprint may not have the best long distance service and rates if you only make long distance calls in your own home state, for example. So before you get ready to start choosing a long distance company, think about your company's long distance usage: where and when does your company make the majority of its long distance calls? Then you can evaluate a long distance provider's rates accurately.

How Much Does Your Business Spend Per Month on Long Distance?

Some long distance providers offer the same rate to all of their customers regardless of their usage, while other long distance providers set a "penalty" for low usage. Still others reward high-usage customers with extra-low rates. Depending on how much long distance calling your business does, this can make a difference to your bottom line. Once you know your spending, ask potential providers how they will meet your specific needs.

How Will Your Business Grow?

Think about your business plans over the next five years, because you can start to plan your long distance needs now. Do you expect to grow, stay the same, or get a little smaller? If you plan to expand your business, will you do so locally, or will you add more locations across the U.S.? Will you expand internationally? If you never plan to open up new business locations in different parts of the company, for example, your best bet for great long distance rates might be a long distance provider that serves businesses in your local region only. However, if you plan to add more branches to your business in other regions of the U.S., a regional carrier may not be able to service all of your locations. Identifying your growth strategy will help you choose the right carrier now.

What Other Telecom Needs Does Your Business Have?

Many long distance providers also offer local and internet service. These "bundles" of services are often offered at a discount - it's cheaper to buy a package of services than buy each service individually. Think about your total business telecommunications needs before you select your long distance provider. This can save you money on multiple services. Compare what services you need against what services each provider has to determine the best way to save money on all of them.

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