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Telecommunications for Small and Medium Business


In today's hyper-competitive business environment, telecommunications plays a key role in most businesses and a critical role in many. Twenty years of deregulated telecom industry competition in America has created the lowest communication prices in the world, enhanced products in traditional telecom product categories, and completely new product categories such as Broadband Internet and Wireless - Cellular Services. This aspect of the telecom industry presents many opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to cost effectively provide excellent customer service, reduce overall operating expenses, and develop competitive differentials.

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The dark side of telecom deregulation is a confusing welter of offers, claims, pricing and discount schemes, competing technologies, outright fraud, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcies, dinner hour telemarketing, and perhaps most egregious of all - Carrot Top. This situation makes it very difficult for owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses to understand and take advantage of telecom offerings.

The following will provide insight, help, and advice for business people in understanding and choosing telecom services for their businesses. An industry overview is provided as well as overviews of voice, data, and integrated services including typical pricing for each of these services. Common telecom business applications are discussed and examples are provided.

Finally, strategies and tactics for choosing a telecommunications carrier will be provided.

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