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Case Study

Company: A leading online education company
Location: Chicago, IL


Reliable telecommunications is critical in running the company’s business. They make calls all over the United States from their Chicago, IL headquarters in order to keep in touch with current and potential customers. “95% of our new business comes in the way of a phone call. Every school we deal with is a different entity and we need to communicate with them. It is important for them to be able to reach us and talk to a live human being. If the phones don’t work that won’t happen” said Paula M., Office Manager
The company had been a long-time customer of AT&T. When they first switched, they paid $.065/minute but over time AT&T raised their rates to over $.09. Paula realized, “When that happened, I figured there had to be a better alternative.”


The Recommendation:

The company turned to SmartPrice for help. After giving us a little information on how they use long distance, Allison Scharf, a Business Telecom Specialists telecom consultant, ran 7 different quotes for the company. Based on their callings patterns, bill size and location, she recommended W2Com, a top-ranked carrier by the FCC. The company switched to W2Com in April, 2003 and has been a customer ever since.

The Results:

“Our bill dropped dramatically. Since we signed-up our bill has dropped from $1,500 down to $650 per month. Obviously you can see the savings.” The 56% decrease in their long distance bill results in savings of over $10,000 per year for the company, savings that goes straight to the bottom line of the business.
Paula said of her experience with SmartPrice , “Honestly I used Business Telecom Specialists because I called and got a hold of Allison right away. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional on the phone. She was able to research several providers and quickly work up a matrix for me. She made things easy, I did not have to do the work. I was able to see the savings and show them to the CEO.”

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