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Local and Lond Distance "Bundles" - A Cheap Alternative for Your Telecom Needs

There's a growing trend with telecommunications companies: more and more of them are offering "bundles" of their products to their customers. This means that many telecommunications providers are offering long distance, local phone service, broadband Internet service and wireless service all in one package. And the good news is that in most cases, buying your telecommunications services together from the same company may yield significant savings for your business.

In the recent past, most business managers got used to managing several different accounts. The local phone company provided businesses with local phone service. A long distance carrier such as AT&T or Sprint provided long distance service. An ISP, or Internet service provider, offered internet service. And if business managers needed to purchase wireless services, this was usually purchased from a fourth company. That meant a business manager would have relationships with four different companies - and they'd also have four separate bills to manage each month.

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Now, more and more companies are offering these services together - meaning that business managers would only have one relationship to handle, and one bill to pay at the end of the month. In addition, that bill typically shows a savings of 10% or more over what would be paid for separate services.

There are hundreds of telecommunications companies out there that offer various "bundled" telecom services for businesses. These companies can offer their bundled services at a cost savings for a couple of reasons. First of all, most telecommunications companies realize that you're more likely to stay a customer with them if you have multiple services with them, so they're willing to take more risk and cut you a break on the overall price. Second, these companies are smaller and typically have lower overhead than the "Big Three" telecom providers, and this allows them to keep their prices lower. Finally, many of these companies are resellers. They buy the services in bulk from a larger company and resell them to you at a lower rate.

Not all businesses have the same telecommunications needs, however. For example, some businesses rely more on one particular telecom service, such as wireless or Internet service, than the other services. So a bundled package may not be right for all businesses. But for those businesses whose telecommunications needs are fairly straightforward, a bundle of telecommunications services can mean several things for your business:

  • Less time spent managing relationships
  • Less complexity when paying bills
  • Less money spent on telecom services overall

The bottom line of telecommunications bundles is this: they can be a way to both simplify your telecommunications needs and save money on them, too.

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