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SmartPrice is a free service that will help your business save money on Voice T1's and VoIP Solutions

  • Make one request with us, get up to 5 quotes from different VoIP Solutions or T1 Voice/Internet Carriers.
  • We will help you pick the right T1 or VoIP carrier for your business.
  • We have helped over 5,000 businesses and 190,000 residential consumers save money.
  • This is a 100% free and guaranteed service.

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Savings Opportunities:

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VoIP Solutions

  • VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) utilizes the Internet to transmit voice traffic
  • VoIP can now be achieved at carrier-grade sound quality
  • VoIP currently has no FCC tax regulation
  • VoIP Solutions are easier than you think
With VoIP Solutions we use the power of the Internet and your broadband or T1 connection to give your business unpreceidented communication abiltiy for amazing low costs.

New VoIP Solutions from SmartPrice:
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T1 Lines, PRI T1, Internet T1 & Broadband Internet Connections

We can help you find the right broadband solution for your business – dedicated, (T1, DS1, T3, DS3) private lines, frame relay, etc.

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Long Distance

Great Rates on Business grade service with per minute rates as low as 2.29¢ switched or 1.5¢ for dedicated service (T1, DS1, T3, DS3). Over 30 Long Distance Providers, with many Long Distance Carriers.

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Local & Long Distance

Save money with great rates on both local and long distance service – bundled on one bill. We have many Local and Long Distance Providers to give you the best long distance service.

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Audio & Phone Conferencing

Easy to use, reliable Audio & Phone Conferencing for 9.9¢ per minute, per leg. This is one of the least-expensive, quality providers that exist. Try them out!

Three quick minutes, three easy steps - the smarter way to save on your telecom, phone service, data and broadband bills - compare and save.
1. Tell us what kind of calls you make.
      We'll instantly search 1000's of plans based on your needs.
2. View the details of your suggested plans.
      We'll give you all the facts you need to make an informed decision.
3. Sign up for your new, money-saving service.
      Make your choice online and then we'll immediately start your switch!

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Certified SmartPrice.com Partners:

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T1 Dedicated Broadband Internet Access - this service provides 1.5 megabits per second speed uploading and downloading from the Internet and will require hardware to connect it to your LAN or servers. This service can meet the needs of most business applications. The cost of a T1 internet connection will be ~$500 if your business is in a city. It could be $700 or more if your business is in a suburban or rural area. One-time installation charges run from $500 to more than $1000 depending upon the work required. The cost of T1 internet service can be substantially reduced by "bundling" it with your local and LD service - more on this approach later.

Other Data Services: There are varieties of additional Internet and data services available for business ( T1, DS1, T3, DS3 ). Private line and frame relay services that can be used to build private networks that connect multiple sites together. A Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) has many of the same capabilities but is implemented over the Internet and is less expensive.

VoIP Solutionss: We use the power of the Internet and your broadband or T1 connection to give your business unpreceidented communication abiltiy for amazing low costs. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol Solutions use the public internet to transmit your voice traffic. You may even be connecting to businesses using VoIP now without even realizing it... it's seamless and has amazing sound quality. It's simple to set up, from a quick plug in unit for small businesses, to a few simple hardware/software configurations with basic hardware supplied by many VoIP carriers, you can start saving with VoIP Solutions quickly. Call us now and we'll share comparisons for top voip carriers.

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