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Our team is made up of experienced telecom and business profesionals.

Jeff Hoogendam - President and Chief Executive Officer
Before co-founding SmartPrice.com, Jeff was a partner with Intersouth Partners, a venture capital firm located in Research Triangle, NC. Jeff joined Intersouth in 1995 as one of 13 members in the charter class of the Kauffman Fellows Venture Capital Program, a program designed to train and educate next generation venture capitalists. While at Intersouth, Jeff served as CEO of InfoGlide Corporation (database software); chief advisor to Accipiter (Internet software); and co-founder of Xanthon, Inc. (medical diagnostics). While earning his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas, he co-founded True Dimensions, Inc. (high-end manufacturing). Jeff also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M. Prior to receiving his MBA, he was an information technology consultant for Andersen Consulting.

Jim McKinley - Vice President of Marketing
Jim McKinley is a co-founder of SmartPrice.com and serves as the Vice President of Marketing. Previously, Jim was a Case Leader (project leader) with the Boston Consulting Group in their Dallas, Texas office. Jim worked in a variety of industries including high tech, ecommerce, utilities and financial services. Jim holds an MBA in Marketing Management from the University of Chicago and a BBA in Marketing and Management from Baylor University. Before receiving his MBA, Jim was an information technology consultant for Andersen Consulting. In his free time Jim runs marathons and volunteers with high school students.
Dave Hughart - Vice President of Operations
David is a 36-year veteran of the communications and data networking industry. Before joining SmartPrice.com, Dave was the President of Broadwing Communications Business Markets Division where he established the business direct sales and telemarketing organizations and lead several acquisitions. He held a variety of executive positions at AT&T including Vice President of Marketing for the Business Middle Markets Division, Vice President of Marketing for AT&T's Business Electronic Commerce Division, and Vice President of Marketing and Professional Services for AT&T Canada. While in these positions he lead several product launches including AT&T's hosting and transaction service as well as the innovative Web to call center connectivity service. Dave is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville.
Monica Rowley - Controller
Monica oversees the SmartPrice Financial Department, including budgeting, revenues and forcasting. Prior to joining SmartPrice.com in 2001, Monica was an Accounting Manager with OneSource Financial for several years. Texas Ice Stadium relied on Monica for accounting and controller duties for nearly 3 years. Monica also has a background in accounting consulting and is a Certified Public Accountant in Texas. Monica has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.
Charlie Nichols - Creative/Design Director
Charlie directs the usability and customer experience of all interactive media for SmartPrice. Charlie was at Dell Computer's Online Division for several years, where he led and relaunched the branding, usability and information architecture on worldwide Dell.com sites in 80 countries, with 40 currencies and 20 languages. Revenue increased from USD$33 million to over USD$40 million per day in 1st quarter after launch, increasing to 50% of Dell's revenue soon after. Charlie also co-founded Adjacency in 1994, building a strong foundation for it's acquisition by Sapient in 1999. With a background in several startups and advertising agencies, Charlie also founded a non-profit gratitude and charitable organization, InGratia.org.

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