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What’s Great About an Office Trailer Rental? Reasons to Choose Renting over Leasing and Purchasing:


To begin with, what is an office trailer rental agreement and how is it different from a lease agreement?

With a rental agreement, a tenant (or office trailer occupant) pays an office trailer supplier for temporary use of an office trailer. Rental agreements are usually much more flexible than lease agreements. Rental agreements tend to have fewer contractual obligations: there is typically no monetary penalty (a small one if any) for early return of the office trailer. This allows the renter a lot of leeway for changes in schedules and unanticipated delays (which do tend to occur).


Why should I rent an office trailer?

The suitability of a rental agreement depends on your situation and needs.  An office trailer rental may be the superior option if you want:

Flexibility- If you are uncertain about the length of time for your office trailer rental, or you anticipate a possible change in your need for space due to issues such as construction delays and downsizing of staff, then the flexibility of a rental may be ideal for you. Renting may be the most cost-effective way to get temporary, portable space.

Tax deductions- It’s true: office trailer rentals are often tax deductible! An office trailer lease is also occasionally eligible for a tax deduction, depending on the structure, but rentals more frequently qualify for tax deductions. This is certainly something you want to look into if you are interested in cutting costs for your business.

No option to purchase-  Office trailer rental agreements don’t usually give you the option to purchase when the agreement is up. This could be a drawback if you have any desire to retain your office trailer unit permanently. In such a case, a lease agreement that provides a purchase option may be the best way to go. However, lease agreements do tend to be more expensive in the short term than rentals. If you have no plans to purchase an office trailer, then renting may be the most cost-effective option.

Looking to rent an office trailer? Check out 360MobileOffice for free price quotes from dealers in your local area!

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