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Mobile Office Trailer Tips and Tricks

Looking to get the most bang for your buck on your mobile office trailer rental? Read on to learn about some nifty ways to save money:

Read the fine print. The price that you are quoted on your office trailer may not be what you eventually end up paying. Be wary of extra fees and charges. Fees to look out for include: mobile office trailer delivery and installation, mobile office trailer cleaning and repairs, and mobile office trailer removal fees.  Be sure to peruse the contract for these fees as well as stipulations and restrictions, and discuss them with your mobile office trailer dealer before you sign on that dotted line. 

Size up your mobile office trailer. Dealers can employ different methods for measuring their mobile office trailer units, which can make planning and price comparison a bit tricky.  In order to make sure that the size of your mobile office trailer fits your needs, ask for the size of the mobile office trailer “box” (industry lingo for the useable floor space) excluding other parts of the trailer.  Dealers will sometimes include the “tongue” in their size estimate, which can add an extra 4 feet of unusable space to the estimate.  You do need the measurement including the tongue for site planning, but make sure you know which mobile office trailer measurement is which!

Know the time constrictions. Your project timeline may be susceptible to change, in which case you need to find out how much flexibility the dealer is going to extend you in shortening or lengthening the rental period. Some dealers may charge you an arm and a leg to rent past the date of your contract, while others will include auto-renewal clauses that will automatically sign you up for a new rental period in absence of communication from you.  Find out what the limitations of your contract are, and determine if the available rental options will best fit your time needs for your mobile office trailer rental. 


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