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Job Trailer and Job Trailer Rentals: Immediate Office Space for Your Construction Site


Do you need a robust, secure office for your construction site right now?  Are you uncertain how long you will need this construction office?  Do you want the convenience of a completely portable office with internet and phone capabilities?  If so, then a job trailer is the perfect fit for your construction office needs.

Job Trailers give you the leeway of placing your construction office on site immediately at a fraction of the cost of a traditionally constructed building. Security features, including alarm systems, ensure a safe working environment and a secure place to leave your work and your office equipment after hours. Job trailer models that include phone and internet access, drafting tables and plumbing can easily be procured for immediate transportation to your site. In a short time, you can provide a comfortable spot to meet with clients on site, and an office space for your foreman and site supervisors to work and stay close to the construction site. Quick installation and setup enables you to move forward with your construction project at a faster rate.

Suppliers offer job trailers both for rent and for sale. With a job trailer rental, you will find that the rental agreement allows you to extend the time period for the rental and to return the job trailer whenever your project gets done. In short, job trailers provide the ease and flexibility ideal for the unpredictable nature of a construction project.

Check out our buyer’s guide to mobile offices for more information on renting or buying a job trailer.

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