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Is T3 Internet Service the Right Choice for My Business?

What is T3 Internet Service?

A T3 Internet line (also known as a DS-3) is an ultra high-speed connection capable of transmitting data at rates of up to 45 Mbps. A T3 Internet service line is equal to approximately 672 regular voice-grade telephone lines, which is fast enough to transmit full-motion, real-time video, and very large databases over a busy network. A T3 Internet service line is typically installed as a major networking artery for large corporations and universities with high-volume network traffic. A T3 Internet service line is comprised of 28 T1 lines.

What Does T3 Internet Service Have to Offer My Company?

T3 Internet service has the potential to revolutionize the way your company looks at telecommunications. Your ability to transfer data will be faster, safer, and more reliable, and you’ll be able to accommodate more employees. But, while T3 Internet services have something to offer for many medium- to large-sized businesses, not every business of this size necessarily needs T3 Internet services. Before settling on a plan and a provider there are different aspects of your business that you should consider.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

How Important is Data Transmission? If you work in an environment where the transfer of large amounts of data is crucial to the day-to-day operations of your business, T3 Internet services are most likely the best choice for you. Also, if you’re working with clients or information that demands an elevated level of security as well as speedy transmission of data, T3 Internet services are essential.

How Many Users and of What Nature? The focus for this question is not only how many people use your business Internet services, but who are they? Most users of T3 Internet services are large businesses. If you’re in an environment where every employee needs unfettered access to the Internet, you have to make sure no one is going to experience downtime or even slowdowns throughout the work day, in which case T3 Internet service is right for your business. But if only a fraction of your employees require the speed and size of a T3 Internet service, it would be better to go with something less expensive, such as T1 service.

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